ENGLISH LOVERS “ELLA MEANT...” all improvised theatre

Ella meant

Mit ihren großartigen Auftritten und ihren umwerfenden Shows begeistern die Weltmeister und vielfachen Österreichmeister im Improvisationstheater nun bereits seit vielen Jahren auch das Steyrer Publikum.  

Der „Bühnentiger“ Jim Libby und sein kongenialer Partner Jacob Banigan präsentieren auch diesmal (und wieder wird es ganz anders sein ...) ihre all improvised-show:

“Ella Meant…”.
This is a two-part form in which one style or genre is explored. After choosing a style together, members of the audience call out words or phrases that they feel are essential elements of that style. These are written on a chalk board and remain visible throughout the performance. The first part of the show is an exploration of these elements, through a series of short, unconnected, scenes. In the second part, the audience chooses one of the scenes from the first part of the show to become the inspiration for a whole new story in the chosen genre.

Jim Libby (Maine, USA) and Jacob Banigan (Canada) improvise fast and sweet theatre. With a 25 year combined history of short- and long-form impro, thousands of shows with no scripts, and a shelf load of  first-place impro trophies, Jim and Jacob have no excuse for giving a bad show. They insist on mixing impro games with compelling scenes and complicated characters, at least to entertain themselves.

Ein im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes einmaliges Theater-Erlebnis mit grandiosen Darstellern.

They are really fabulous!  

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